A New Project
Episode 81
Release Date May 1,2013
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Rocket Ship
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A New Project is the 81st episode set inside Stampy's Lovely World. In this video, Stampy and Lee start building the scaffolding of the rocket ship and playing the Dunking Booth mini-game.


Stampy started the video by greeting to the viewers. He then visited Lee at the kitchen since he was making a cake for breakfast. Stampy ate it and went to the Love Garden and added benemm843, for suggesting the name of the fish living inside the giant fish tank of the Dunking Booth mini-game: Bobbin. They then proceeded to build the scaffolding of the rocket ship (or the tower used by the astronauts to enter the rocket ship).

He then went to the Dog House and picked Bengy to be his doggy companion for the video. They then slept at the Funland House and they proceeded to play the Dunking Booth mini-game the next morning. With the minecart, Stampy shot only one arrow while Lee did it in two. With the tower, Stampy did it in two shots while Lee did it over it, so Stampy dunked himself in. He then ended the video.


Minecraft Xbox - A New Project 81

Minecraft Xbox - A New Project 81