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First Appeared: Quest to have Fun
Last Episode Seen:
Status: Disappeared
Type of Mob: Iron Golem
Episode Died:

Abfgern is one of the iron golems in 'Quest to have fun'. Stampy and Squid shouted out random letters to come up with a name for their first iron golem, and the name "Abfgern" was created! Their second iron golem, Raftog, was named in this way too. Abfgern is a professonial Zomball player. Abfgern disappears in "Quest For A Pig Trench". In the "Quest For Melon Face" episode, Stampy notices that Abfgern has disappeared. Abfgern's fate remains unknown.


  • Abfgern's dissapearance is possibly caused by despawning.
NPCs in Quest Series


Timmy · Timmy's Mom

Iron Golems

Abfgern · Raftog

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