Afro Dan91
First Appearance: Visiting Crimcity
Last Appearance: Boat Dash
Username: Unknown
Nicknames: Afro Dan
Gallery: Afro Dan91

Afro Dan91 is one of the helpers and friends of iBallisticSquid and Stampylonghead. He doesn't appear in many videos, much like people such as Emm 2. His most notable appearances are in the Shear Fun game and an alien in Trip to the Moon. He was the guest star in Stampy's Lovely Podcast for episode 2. He was last mentioned in Cave Deen episode 44, Doormouse when Stampy was talking about making digital puzzles.

Association with Stampy Edit

He and Stampy became friends even before they played Minecraft. Aside from being one of Stampy's Minecraft helpers, he was seen in the early Halo videos on stampylongnose, and they built a maze together in Halo 3.



  • He was one of the earliest people to be added to the Love Garden, the 3rd person.
  • In Crimsville (Crimson Azoth's 2nd World), Dan was known for playing around with pistons wherever possible.
  • His skin is the Enderdragon.
  • He is usually good with redstone.

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