"Maybe it's just what creepers do. Maybe it's just how the respond to things. When they're sad, they blow up. When they're angry, the blow up. When they're happy they... blow up. I don't know maybe any strong emotion makes them blow up. Maybe Agatha just blew up with joy because I'm her friend."
— Stampy questioning Agatha's sudden explosion
Stampy's Lovely World NPC
Agatha the Friendly Creeper



Stampy Cat

First Appearance

The Friendly Creeper

Last Appearance

The Friendly Creeper


Deceased (off-camera)

Agatha (or Princess Agatha) is a friendly Creeper who briefly made friends with Stampy and his helpers. It is likely that she was the same creeper that attended Stampy's Christmas party. On behalf of all, she gave Stampy a creeper head wearing a hat and also Chicken the dog. Stampy saw her many videos later, and quickly made friends with her. Off screen, she exploded and destroyed part of the landscape.

Agatha died in the episode The Friendly Creeper because she blew up when someone hit her.

Trivia Edit

  • Agatha has a sister named Betsy Boo Boo and a brother named Jangles.
  • Agatha was "friendly" due to a bug widely known as Friendly Creepers.
  • She is in King Creeper's Family unknowingly.
  • She is the only Creeper to have a grave in SLW.
  • Agatha shares her first appearence with L for Leeee x, Isaac, and Susan.


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