"iBallisticSquid appears in this episode, joining the game."
— Benton
Amazing Animals
Episode 249
Minecraft Xbox - Amazing Animals -249-

Minecraft Xbox - Amazing Animals -249-

Release Date November 19, 2014
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Helpers Appeared
L for Leeeee x
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Kirsty Wilkins
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Amazing Animals is the 249th episode in Stampy's Lovely World. This episode is notable for Squid's return. 


Stampy starts his day on what he does normally. Then he and L for Leeeee x went to the Love Garden to add Kirsty Wilkins because of her creation, Stampylongsquid. Then they went to the Doghouse to pick Duncan. When they were on their way to the Kitty Cat Condo to pick Mittens, IBallisticSquid surprisingly appeared in front of him. Then they went to the Hotel of Dreams to continue building its construction. Stampy says bye and ends the episode.

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"Get a saddled pig and a mooshroom please."
— All dogs
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  • This video marks the return of iBallisticSquid since the episode Wishing Well.
  • Stampy comments that the pig never follows the carrots.
  • No Mooshrooms developed yet.
  • There are no saddles.


Minecraft Xbox- Amazing Animals [249]

Minecraft Xbox - Amazing Animals -249-

Minecraft Xbox - Amazing Animals -249-