Ambush (Game)



Funland, Near Tumble Tower



First Appearance

Big Board Game

Other Appearances

Episodes 202-203

The Ding Dong Game (called Ambush in Episodes 201-203) is a kind of a board game in Stampy's FunlandIt was built in Episode 201 - "Big Board Game"


The whole game is near the Tumble Tower. It is made mostly of orange, lime and some black in the middle. the outside is by 23 blocks by 13 blocks or 23x13 width and the height of it is 3. inside of it has barriers and some minecarts in the pattern checkered hole.
Ding Dong Game

Ding Dong Game


It's like a board game but in minecraft. Instead making the piece, you're the Piece. The goal of it is to go to the minecarts and move each team and punch them diagonally. You can punch them in diagonally not horizontally. The last remaining team wins the game.

Trivia Edit

  • It was built after Stampy's 200th Episode of Stampy's Lovely World.
  • It is the second game to finish it and play it in one video. The first one being Tumble Tower.
  • The first players to play the game is Stampy, L for Leeeee x , Ank55 and LONG bow X99.
  • The Game is based off Battleship and Chess.
  • Stampy renames Ambush to "The Ding Dong Game" in Episode 204. He renamed it beacuse of the "Dings and Dongs", which it played under the game.

Feature Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox - Big Board Game 201

Minecraft Xbox - Big Board Game 201