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First appearance: 2,000 Subscriber World Tour (as Misty)
Last appearance: 135
Status: Dead
Type of mob: Wolf (Dog)
Color of collar: Red

Aqua (formerly known as Misty) was one of Stampy's former dogs.


Fluffy (daughter)

Sherbet (son)

Spring (husband) ✝️

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Sherbet is Aqua and Spring's son.

After her death, Spring became a Widower but later, Spring also died (maybe fate had it in for them) making Sherbet an orphan.


In Episode 135, Stampy and his friends had been playing Water Rush for the final time and Stampy let his dog, Aqua, play with him. As Aqua was playing, Stampy jumped out and Aqua presumably drowned.  

Her coffin is at the water rush obstacle course, it has gravel and says Aqua as she was tamed during Stampy's 2 Thousand Subscriber Tour (Temporarily being named Misty).  


  • Despite being named Aqua, Aqua drowned while her and Stampy were enjoying a game of Water Rush.
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