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First Appearance: 2013
Last Appearance: N/A
Username: AshDubh
Nicknames: FearADubh


Gallery: "Unknown"
Featured Article
AshDubh is the featured article of this month. It was considered to be one of the best articles Stampylongnose Wiki as determined by the admins.

AshDubh also known as FearADubh (or also known as FubhADubh & Smash to friends) is a YouTuber that uploads mainly Funny Moments videos. As of just recently he's expanded his channel from just Minecraft to doing GTA V and ARK videos that are all still family friendly.

He's known for screaming quite loud, laughing like a girl and just being completely random with friends such as iBallisticSquid, TheJMC & more.

Association with Stampy

He has been a helper in Stampy's Lovely World for a few episodes. From here it is seen that Ash is wearing the Hippo skin with an iron helmet, due to his PC skin not available on Xbox 360. He has connections with Stampy on some series on Squid's channel. He is the partner of Squid in the Together Challenge to compete against Stampy and Sqaishey. He also come from some of Stampy and Squid's Vlogs in the MagicAnimalClub Channel.


(AshDubh currently does dubhcraft which is crazy craft)but rather prefers short "Funny Moments" type videos going from Minecraft Deathrun to GTA V racing and even newly released MemeCraft. The only series he has on his channel is Modzilla Madness, which was ended. And his other channel, AshDubh2 was ended due to personal issues. He also has channel DubhTV.


  • AshDubh has over 400,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel.
  • He lives in Peterborough in the UK.
    • He released his first video in 2013.
  • He also created his channel in 3 December 2012
Stampy's Friends

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