Attack of the B-Team is an official modpack on the Technic Launcher, created by GenerickB and Bdouble0 from the Mindcrack server. They and their friends have their own series dedicated to playing the modpack. iBallistic Squid, Amylee33 and AshDubh also have their own series dedicated to the same modpack, which is the less popular, and unofficial server. This modpack features Amy Lee, Ash, and Squid learning about the modpack and doing fun things with it.

Characters Edit

List of Attack of the B-Team Characters

Locations Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. Squid Family
  2. Horribleville
  3. Bat-Squid
  4. Crazy Construction
  5. Momma Squid!
  6. EGGBERT!!
  7. Growing Up Fast!
  8. Finally Tamed!!
  9. Mining Crew!!
  10. New House!!
  11. Dubstep Gun!!
  12. Creeper Problems!!
  13. Beautiful Home!!
  14. Ash's Rusty Doors!!
  15. Crazy Christine!!
  16. Sweaty Smeltery!!
  17. Cheerleading!!
  18. Dino Dungeon!!
  19. Eggcelent!!
  20. Tango-Fizz!!
  21. Dino-Land!!
  22. Troublesome TREX!!
  23. Tango Fizz's Cage!!
  24. Nether Room!!
  25. Nether Madness!!
  26. Dancing Chicken!!
  27. Rescue Mission!!
  28. Ash's Trampoline!!
  30. Poopy Petals!!
  31. Hot Springs!!
  32. Frank!!
  33. Benidict The First!!
  34. R.I.P Frank!!
  35. Kitchen Improvements!!
  36. Mr.Mandrake!!
  37. Fantastic Furniture!!
  38. Slippery Airlines!!
  39. Quartz Mission!!
  40. Peek A Boo!
  41. Witch Tower!
  42. Heavenly Hedges!
  43. Starting A Farm!
  44. Plane Problems!
  45. Quidditch Constriction!
  46. Fantastic Farm!
  47. Score Rings!
  48. Dragon Egg!
  49. Missing Dragon!
  50. Skelly Frank 2.0!
  51. T-Rex On The Loose!
  52. Reunited!
  53. R.I.P Skelly Frank 2!
  54. Halloween House!
  55. Halloween Special!
  56. Jeremy The Turtle!
  57. The Aquarium!
  58. J For Jeremy!
  59. Ghost Dragon!
  60. Casper The Dragon!
  61. Tropicraft Prep!

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