Baa Baa Barber is a barber shop in Stampy's Lovely World.


From the outside, the exterior is made out of black wool with trapdoors on the bottom, but when you see the roof, it goes diagonal made out of white wool, black wool, oak trapdoor and red wool. Which is more spectacular in the building but even the sphere that supposedly going to turn around has that design too! On the inside, there are mirrors which is supposedly having a reflection of yourself and the surroundings around you, but instead made an exact mirror image of the room. Also there are seats where they can seat on either wait or have their woolcut and couldrons to wash your hair. These are also included on the mirror image. Previous to Recycle Michael and next to Need to Read

Construction TimelineEdit

  • 277: Exterior completed.
  • 278: Interior completed, also the Grand Opening of the shop.
Baa Baa Barber