Bat-Squid ("Little Bat Squid!" for Amy Lee and "I DON'T WANNA DIE AGAIN!" for Ashdubh) is the 3rd Attack of the B-Team episode.


Squid and his friends set out to find some wool for their beds. As they try to go shear the sheep, they are attacked by mobs. They then try to set their spawns, but they don't have enough wool. They go out to shear some more sheep, but are attacked by a horde of mobs. As they retreat, Squid finds a bat in a ravine. He kills the bat and can now fly. All of them then go mining. Squid then decides that they should move out. As he looks for a good place for a home, he finds a witch's stone circle. Inside the pool of water, he finds a dispenser with some valuable items.

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