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Bengy is a dog in Stampy's Lovely World. In Episode 220: Cake Thief, he became the assistant police dog in place of Spring, for the Playful Po Po Station. It was last taken in this episode, "Building Wonky".


Bengy is a dog who became Stampy’s Lovely World’s assistant police dog after Spring died. He is a very loyal and trusting dog and he has a blue collar which resembles him as a police officer.


  • He is the third dog to be taken for two consecutive episodes, after Flippy and Benton. (Fruity Fragrance and Clean Them Clothes)
  • Bengy is the 7th oldest dog in Stampy's Wolfpack.
  • The colour of his skin and collar resemble that of police colours.
  • Bengy is in charge of advertising Stampy's channel in Lovely Inc.
  • In the episode TV Show, but they almost died when they fell down. The other dog is Corey.
  • When Benjy was added in the Love Garden, he picks a dog Bengy in the episode Mental Block.
  • In The Behind the Scenes video for Lovely Incorporated’s building, Bengy originally was having a job relating to combat.
  • The sign was first put up in Episode 22, but it was first taken in Episode 41.
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