First appearance: Emergency Igloo
Last appearance: N/A
Status: Alive
Type of mob: Wolf (Dog)
Color of collar: Cyan
Benton is one of Stampy's Dogs. He is the dog with the cyan collar. Benton is one of the dogs that is rarel

y taken by Stampy, but still is one of Stampy's favorite dogs. Benton is Duncan's older brother.


  • Sometimes In Stampy's earlier episodes, Stampy would say a joke, as he calls Benton repeatedly, and he would eventually say "JESUS CHRIST BENTON!"
  • Benton is the 3rd dog to be taken by Stampy for two consecutive episodes. The episodes are Vault Of Treasure and Pig Problem.
  • In Episode 271, he was taken out with Bengy and nearly died near the googlies farm
  • Even if Benton is rarely taken by Stampy, Benton is currently the 3rd oldest dog in Stampy's Wolfpack.
  • He is rumored to be Stampy's least favourite dog because he is rarely taken out, and is very rarely mentioned.
  • Stampy got the idea for his name from a video even though the dogs name was Fenton.


Year Ceremony Award Result
2014 Stampy Fan Awards Best Dog Nominated
Doggy Dogs Doggy

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