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Big Board Game (Episode)
Episode 201
Minecraft Xbox - Big Board Game 20123:58

Minecraft Xbox - Big Board Game 201

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Dings and Dongs
Helpers Appeared
L for Leeeee x
LONG bow X99
Pets Chosen
Gregory Jr.
People Added to the Love Garden
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Big Board Game is the 201th Episode of Stampylonghead's Minecraft Let's Play.


Stampy and his helpers builds the Ambush mini-game.


Stampy introduces himself and he finds L for Leeeee x on the ground. Suddenly, a creeper blows to Lee and Stampy jumps on to the ground, Ank55 follows him. L for Lee fixes the damages then Ank55 gives him Cake and carrots. Stampy runs to his Love Garden but goes to the roof of the Theater. He fails to throw an ender pearl on a safe location.

After he dies, he is revealed that he is Longbow. Stampy runs to his Love Garden then he adds Izezzio. After that, he runs to a Tree Train near his house. He goes to his funland. After that, he goes to Gregory Jr. then he gives him carrots but Gregory leaves it.  Then, he goes to the building site where he and L for Lee build the mini-game. He gives the instructions how to play it. Then, Longbow comes, ready to help.

While building the mini-game, Stampy accidentally hits Longbow. After that, Stampy says sorry. While building again, Longbow creates an underground house inside of the mini-game.  Longbow writes on a sign, "tp ank" (Meaning, Teleport Ank.)

Stampy accidentally teleports himself to Ank. Then, he and Ank run back to the mini-game. After they finish building the game, they play it and Lee and Ank wins. Stampy ends the episode after this.




  • Stampy's House
  • Love Garden
  • Doghouse
  • Roof of the Theater
  • Funland
  • Tree Train
  • Underground House


  • Gregory Jr.

People Added to the Love Garden

  • Izezzio


Minecraft Xbox- Big Game Board [201]

Minecraft Xbox - Big Board Game 201-140218586823:58

Minecraft Xbox - Big Board Game 201-1402185868

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