Bouncy Boats is a mini-game in Stampy's Funland.


The game is a four-player game, with two teams of two. At first, a lever is pulled, releasing a boat. One person must hop in a boat, while the other must try to bounce on top of them and land on a giant lily pad, made out of green and lime green wool. This happens twice, then they land on the other players side, and collect a piece of sand or gravel. Then they travel back, and place the sand or gravel, which gets broken by a torch and lands on a pressure plate, signifying they have won the game.


The game is made out of lime green and green wool, and is made to look like a giant garden pond with lilypads in it. Also, at each of the teams' bases, there is a giant, cute, green model of a frog. If the team wins, their frog's tongue will extend, and if not, it will start crying (dispensers will dispense water from the 'eyes').


The game ranked #6 in Stampy's Top 10 Mini-Games.

Bouncy Boats

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