First appearance: Googlies Trap
Last appearance: Meeting My Number 1 Fan
Status: Unknown
Type of mob: Dog
Color of collar: Red

Bowser is one of Stampy's Dogs. It is unknown to many that during the episode Meeting My Number One Fan, His name was suggested from one of Stampy's subscribers. Stampy's dog name is based off the Super Mario villain, Bowser.

Death? Edit

Unknown to many people, Bowser was alive during the episode Meeting My Number 1 Fan. When they went into the Nether Portal, you can see that Barnaby and Bowser fell in the lava. Barnaby teleported after he fell the lava and survived, so it was assumed that Bowser perished in lava. No grave was ever created for the dog. Despite this, Stampy said on Twitter that Bowser is still here, just "really good at hide and seek"


  • It is unknown to many if he is alive, and if so where he is.
  • He is based of the Super Mario villain, Bowser.
  • Two dogs died in flames by the nether portal, one possibly him.
  • He is the only dog to not have a grave.
  • Most people don't recognize him, because he was seen in old episodes.
  • He has a cameo on the episode Ghost Stories as one of the dead dogs. Although, he wasn't mentioned.
  • He possibly died on Season 1 of Stampy's Lovely World episodes.
  • It is possible that Stampy has forgotten about Bowser.
  • Bowser was most likely deleted after Meeting My Number 1 Fan because stampy never saved the world after the episode.
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