About Bredstick Edit

X Bread Stick
First Appearance: Featuring Breadstick's World - Part 1
Last Appearance: The Hungry Sheep
Username: x Bread Stick
Nicknames: Santa
Gallery: "Unknown"

Bread Stick is a former Minecraft Helper and friend. He helped with the Creeper Coaster. He appeared in Episodes 20-50 and some in the 70s and 80s. Bread Stick is Scottish. With Ank55, Captain Sparkelz , and Ms.MCXBLA, he built the Creeper Coaster. In the battle against Hit the Target, he was burnt and, unfortunatly, died near the water that could have saved him. He and Lucky, excluding Hit The Target, were the only people to die in the battle.

Early Life Edit

Breadstick wasn't the most useful help he often left houses and little towers made out of dirt around Stampy's House. He even got killed by Fred the friendly enderman after breadstick was annoying Fred

Appearances Edit

Featuring Bread Stick's World - Part 1


  • Bread Stick is known for continually attempting to build a McDonalds in Stampy's Lovely World and Mud Huts everywhere - usually resulting in his permissions being taken away.
  • His character was killed off when he was killed by HitTheTarget.
  • Breadsticks also died along with his friend Lucky in the same Episode.
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