Building Snowmen
Episode 260
Minecraft Xbox - Building Snowmen -260-

Minecraft Xbox - Building Snowmen -260-

Release Date December 24, 2014
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Building Snowmen is the 260th episode in Stampy's Lovely World. In this video, they will be building snowmen and Stampy will also be building the Christmas tree for Christmas.


Stampy starts his day by doing what he does normally. He said that he was suspicious about Lee's long absence. Then they went to the Love Garden to add BE56, for a Stampy face made out of vegetables. Then they went to the Dog House to pick Duncan and to the Kitty Cat Condo to pick Mittens. Then they all went near the waterfall to build snowmen. Stampy built a Frosty Long Nose Jr., Longbow built an upside down snowman while Ank built a snowman holding his face. He even let him to live Duncan and Mittens together inside of the snowman for Christmas. When Stampy finsihed his snowman, he went to his clubhouse to build a Christmas tree. He puts chest for his friends. Then he went back to his balcony to view the snowmans they've built.

Trivia Edit

This the second to last episode with Lee Bear not in it.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- Building Snowmen [260]

Minecraft Xbox - Building Snowmen -260-

Minecraft Xbox - Building Snowmen -260-