Barnaby is one of stampylongheads favorite dogs, he has lived a long time and is accompanied by stampylonghead in a lot of his vids. Barnaby has either a red or black collar. He is alive currently, but you'll have to watch future videos to see if he stays that way.

He is a default vanilla wolf, as stampylonghead has no mods (that I know of)  if stampylonghead has mods, they're unknown. Other dogs include:Spring, Duncan, Porky, Gregory, Gregory Jr, Avatar, Oreo, Sparky, Aqua, Stampygoodnose, ETC.

Hope you enjoyed this article!

Sincerely, Chiknmmm.

P.S not all the dogs are included, and not all of their names may be correct. If any of stampylonghead's helpers happened to read this, please let stampylonghead know about this article.

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