Below is a list of all the Fans and editors on the Wiki from the United Kingdom of Great Britian ande Northern Ireland wich is a country in the Western Hemisphere. It is considered a "Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy". It is lead By the Monarch and Prime Minister. Its Monarch is Elizibeth Mary || and its Prime Minister is David Cameron.

Famous People from the UKEdit

  • Stephen Hawking, Scientist
  • Joseph Garrett, Actor/Internet Sensation
  • John Hurt, Actor
  • Hugh Laurie, Actor
  • Ian Poulter, Athlete (Golf)
  • Alexander McQueen, Fashion Designer

Users from the UKEdit

  • Ollieeh - Main Helper (Bureaucrat), London
  • CaptainChimpy - Swear Chest-er (Chat Moderator), location unknown


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