Cave Den
A Minecraft series by Stampy
Playthrough Information
Starring Stampy Cat
Let's Play Type Series
Run date(s) 9 August 2015 - 27 October 2016
Status Complete
Playlist None

Cave Den (stylized by the map makers as Cave Den) is a series created by Stampy and Sqaishey that aired on August 9th. The survival series has aspects similar to Sky Den Series, however it is now in, obviously, in a cave (hence the name). The series is mainly focused on exploring and building and making jokes with each other.

Every episode of the series used to be released on Thursday and Sunday, but it has been released on Thursday to give way for the Super Mario Mash-up Pack series which is released every Sunday.

This map was created by Choo Choo, one of Stampy's friends and helpers in Stampy's Lovely World, and his team of builders that created this.


Near the end of the final episode from the Sky Den survival series, Stampy hinted to the viewers a brand new series to be broadcast immediately after that said series. The first episode was published on 9 August 2015 and the last episode was published on 27 October 2016. It's a series that was published on Thursday and Sunday every week on Stampy's channel.

Buildings and AreasEdit

Main Area Edit

  • Animal Boxes
  • Cave House
  • Stuff Station
  • Friendship Fountain
  • Buddy Barn
  • I-Scream Roller Coaster
  • Dens
  • Beacon
  • Present Pit
  • Head Houses
  • Doobie Doo's Den
  • Cake Roulette
  • Blindfold Training Area

Happy High School Edit

  • Happy High School
  • Maze
  • Temporary House

Dragondoor Edit

  • Simon the Self-Esteem Dragon
  • Bouncy Castle
  • Witches' Hut
  • Grass Race
  • Stampy's Science Lab
  • Stampy's Boat
  • Mirror on the Wall (Nether Portal)
  • Cave Den Castle

Others Edit

  • Pufferfish Tank
  • Playground
  • Anvil Shelter
  • Marshmellow House
  • Wither Battle Arena
  • Sqaishey's Hut
  • Cave Den Railway System

Pets Edit

Stampy's Pets Edit

  • Gregory (Red Collar, born in Episode 23)
  • Cedric (Red Collar, born in Episode 23)
  • Arrow (Red Collar, born in Episode 23)

Cats: Edit

  • Pepper Pot (Black Skin, egg obtained in Episode 20, born in Episode 21)

Pigs: Edit

  • Doobie Doo (Unknown when born, found in Episode 13)

Others Edit

  • Till the Anvil (Unknown when crafted, bought by Stampy in Episode 78)


Sqaishey's Pets: Edit

Dogs: Edit

  • Teapot (Red Collar, born in Episode 23)
  • Teabag (Red Collar, born in Episode 23)
  • Mug (Red Collar, born in Episode 23)
  • Bob (Red Collar, born in Episode 23)

Cats: Edit

  • Fishy (Grey Skin, egg obtained in Episode 20, born in Episode 21)
  • Flipper (Grey Skin, egg obtained in Episode 20, born in Episode 21)

Pigs Edit

  • Doobie Doo

Episodes Edit

  1. Welcome To Cave Den
  2. Working Together
  3. Zombie Pinball
  4. Overwhelming Sheep
  5. Making A Home
  6. Secret Beach
  7. Porchini
  8. Pac-Man
  9. Room With A View
  10. An Old Friend
  11. Cow Competition
  12. Great Heights
  13. Doobie Doo
  14. Off the Rails
  15. Stuff Station
  16. A-maze-ing
  17. Colour and Light
  18. Friendship Fountain
  19. Smiley Face
  20. Adventure Day
  21. Pepper Pot
  22. Buddy Barn
  23. Dog Rescue
  24. Cherry On Top
  25. I-Scream
  26. Bouncy Animals
  27. The Perfect Fish
  28. I'm So Poorly
  29. Lots of Dens (NOTE: Because of illness, Stampy did not appear in this episode, only Sqaishey)
  30. Nice Ice Cave
  31. Keith's Quest
  32. Stanky and Squacky
  33. Home Away From Home
  34. Happy High School
  35. Train Challenge
  36. Meet Bertha
  37. Sheep Shuttle
  38. Hungry Duck
  39. Quackers
  40. Hide and Seek
  41. Haunted Cave
  42. Skipping Class
  43. Heroslime
  44. Doormouse
  45. Hide and Seek
  46. Treading Carefully
  47. We Fell Out
  48. Time Apart
  49. Flying Horse
  50. The Meaning of Loaf
  51. Water Wall
  52. Playground
  53. Present Pit
  54. Robot Friend
  55. Party People
  56. Upgrade
  57. Happy Pufferfish
  58. Head House
  59. Rock, Slime, Water
  60. Magic Mirror
  61. Nether Adventure
  62. Magical Land
  63. Dragon Mouth
  64. Simon
  65. Dragondoor
  66. Bouncy Castle
  67. So Much Slime
  68. Witches Hut
  69. Wartdrobe
  70. Giant Beanstalk
  71. Itty Man
  72. I Can't Believe That!
  73. Penny the Sheep
  74. Checkpoints
  75. Grass Race 2016
  76. Parkour Master
  77. Wither Skull Race
  78. My Pet Anvil
  79. Hover Pod
  80. Stampy's Science
  81. Mushy
  82. Look At Me I Have Won!
  83. Sqaishey Flew
  84. Everythhing I Hate
  85. I Want A Boat
  86. The Jolly Stampy
  87. Leading The Blind
  88. Our Secret Code
  89. Baby Otter,CHARGE!'
  90. Battling The Wither Blindfolded
  91. Doobie's Den
  92. Accessorizing
  93. Making Me Look Silly
  94. Going Outside
  95. Sneaking Like A Ninja
  96. Big Egg
  97. Sqaishey's Baby
  98. Going Chopping
  99. Blind Sumo
  100. Dragon Battle Blindfolded
  101. Boop The Egg
  102. We're Awful
  103. Sponge Throne
  104. Grass Race Final
  105. Memories

Sequel Edit

At the end of the last episode of Cave Den, there was a last second showing a picture of the sign teasing the third Den: Ocean Den.

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