"Cedric is with me in Cave Den."
— Stampy
First appearance: Journey into the Nether
Last appearance: Helter Skelter (Episode)
Status: Deceased
Alive (Cave Den)
Type of mob: Dog
Color of collar: Red (Default)

Cedric was one of Stampy's dogs. He was the 9th dog who has died in Stampy's Lovely World. He was the 2nd oldest, only behind Gregory. Crimson Azoth named him.

Background Edit

Death Edit

His "father" (Crimson Azoth) returned for the first time in forever. When Stampy started to build his Helter Skelter, Cedric got awfully close to the edge, so Stampy bribed him to come closer to him with a Porkchop. He fell off and died.


  • Cedric was named by Crimson Azoth
  • Cedric is one of his dogs in SLW and Cave Den
  • A dog named Cedric was tamed in episode 23 of Cave Den. The map maker was intended to be named after him, along with some others.
  • Cedric appeared along with Barnaby, Stampy's oldest dog, in "Journey to The Nether "

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