Choo Choo
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Real Name: Thomas
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Thomas a.k.a. cRz Choo Choo x or ChooChoosGaming, is a Minecraft player who has accompanied Stampy in his 'Lovely World' videos as a Minecraft helper and also occasionally joins him in 'Hunger Games' videos too.

He is also a Youtuber in his own right and has 211,940 subcribers (as of September 9, 2014).


Minecraft Xbox Skin: ChooChoo (called 'cRZ Choo Choo') is represented as a green alien with a comically large forehead, which he emphasises by ducking under doorways. His Xbox skin is base of a Marvel villain called Leader a Hulk villain 

Minecraft PC Skin: ChooChoo (again, called 'ChooChoosGAMING') currently has a much more suitable skin, which dictates his Irish background.(Click here to see & download it).

Real Life: ChooChoo's PC skin is quite an accurate representation of how he looks as a human. Click here to see his Instragram .


He appears in the series as a semi-regular helper.

Association with Stampy

ChooChoo is a semi-regular 'helper' in Stampy 's Minecraft Xbox 360 series in Stampy's Lovely World.

He has also appeared numerous times in Hunger Games videos on the stampylonghead channel. Choo Choo has a tendency of sneaking up on people during Hunger Games.

He is also known for creating the Cave Den and Ocean Den maps along with his team of builders — the CCN Build Team.

Youtube Channel

ChooChoo owns his own Youtube Channel, which is popular among the fans of Stampy due to their frequent cameos in each other's channel.

The channel mainly consists of Minecraft videos, however car games and adult-oriented games are also occasionally broadcast.

In recent months, his newly launched server 'The Emerald Isle' has been a big focus on his channel. A tradition of his is to do a livestream on Tuesday evenings (called 'Choo's day') and they are commonly situated in The Emerald Isle.



  • Since his gamertag is ChooChoo and his real name is Thomas and "Choo choo" is the sound of trains, he might like the show Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • He played the Tooth Fairy in the episode Take the Tooth.
  • He (in real-life) and Stampy met for the first time in Minecon 2015.
  • His Cave Den map was also dedicated to Stampy and Sqaishey. He also made two statues of them too.


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