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"May your cakes be yucky"
— Stampy, the quote by the end of the video.
Christmas Rescue
Episode 261
Release Date December 25, 2014
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Helpers Appeared
L for Lee x
Pets Chosen
All except Duncan and Mittens
People Added to the Love Garden
Canta (would be Santa but Stampy spelled wrong, again)
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Christmas Rescue is the 261st episode in Stampy's Lovely World.

Synopsis Edit

In this special Christmas episode, Stampy attempt to have a traditional Christmas, but got interrupted by Hit the Target.


Stampy begins to celebrate Christmas. He goes up to his clubhouse and out to the race car where there are three big presents for him. The first is from tall green head, who he thinks is Choo Choo. The second is from Slippery Blue Face, who he thinks is Squid. The third is from "an old friend" and it contains Hit the Target!

Hit the Target started attacking Stampy so he chased after Barnaby down to Hit the Target's new lair. Stampy loses Barnaby in the passageway and Hit the Target races ahead of him and traps Barnaby with Lee. Then Stampy's Lunar Friends come and rescue Stampy, Lee, Barnaby(who were trapped) from HTT.

The Lunar Friends gave Stampy a Lunar Cheese Apple, which he used in this video to save Santa. He also got a new dog and it named Luna by the end of the video. It ended with a quote saying: "May all your cakes be tasty."

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox - Christmas Rescue 261

Minecraft Xbox - Christmas Rescue 261