Clock Climb
Episode 325
Release Date August 1, 2015
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L for Lee x
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Clock Climb is the 325nd episode in Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy and his friends (Lee, Sqaishey, and Stacy) start the video with The Love Garden, then their race to the Dog House , after they picked a dog, Stampy did a Parkour Race up the Clock Tower, to see who would be the employee of the month of the Clock Shop and the Tea Shop. Stampy then won and went into the Tea Shop and got some Tea and ended the video there.


  • First appearance of Stacy in this video inside of his Lovely World.
    • She had been guested in Wonder Quest and several vlogs.
    • However, her skin is not her signature skin on her PC. Her skin is a fox skin and her gamertag is StacyTheFox.