Community World

Community World

The Community World is a separate world. It is the home of Stampy's friends. Stampy does not often build anything in this world, but in Episode 35, he helped out in the community.


This world was meant to be a multiplayer community world where Stampy's friends could come in and build (or destroy) stuff. Stampy realized that handling a community world would be hard unless he has a group of people who can be trusted. He also said that it was an Invite-only world (however, there was a glitch in that world where non-invited people could still join) so he could have limited players only. He then stopped the community world and was used as his sketchbook world since.

Stampy first toured the world in 28th January 2013, and again on 23th July 2016 as part of his Behind The Scenes on his second channel.


The world is separate, this is not included in Stampy's Lovely World. There are many buildings in this world, but some are just putting up holes or vandalizing the world. There are few buildings that are destroyed or going to be destroyed.

Notable Builds

  • Quick-build Area - This was used by Stampy and Squid to introduce a skin pack which was newly released by that time.
  • Past your Bedtime studio - This was used by Stampy and Squid for their Past your Bedtime videos.
  • Cake Sky Island - This was used in the 62nd episode in Stampy's Lovely World.
  • 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 subscriber signs

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