See also: SLW Unified School DistrictSchool is a building in Downtown in Stampy's Lovely World.It was constructed in Episodes 240-244.


The school was built in Episodes 240-244.

Below is a summary of the construction in each video.

  • 240: Initial start. The exterior overall is constructed and finished including the bell and flag.
  • 241: Both the playground and Sqaishey classroom were constructed and finished.
  • 242: Remaining classrooms are constructed and finished.
  • 243: Halloween Special Ghost Stories
  • 244: Grand Opening of the school.


  • 242-244: The sound of the bell was added.


The School is mainly built with red wool and snow. On the front outside, there is also a flag on the front and a bell on the top while on the back outside, it's a playground with a slide, swing and seesaw. On the inside, there are four classrooms and each runs different classes, namely:

  • Sqaishey's Swimming (Teaching dogs how to swim)
  • Lee's Cooking Channel (How to cook)
  • Stampy's Combat ( how to fight )
  • AmyLee33 flower arangement (how to arange flowers)


The current faculty are:


The students in the school are Stampy (who is also a teacher), all of his current dogs (see here), Mittens, and Stew.


  • The school might be a type of middle school due to different subjects in each room.
  • The school is one of the few places that shows the SLW flag.
  • It is built next to the Hotel of Dreams and Bank.
  • The playground looks a lot like a prison yard.
  • Scince L for Lee x left in episode 399 and AmyLee33 left in episode 354 and SqaisheyQuack left in episode 414 until

Wiggly Worm Works (For Now) L for lee x and AmyLee33 will return to stampy's lovely world.

  • There are only 4 classrooms which means that it is a very small school.
Cool School (building)

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