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Minecraft Xbox - Pumpkin Child -245-20:39

Minecraft Xbox - Pumpkin Child -245-

First appearance: Colourful Castle
Last appearance: I Can't Win! (418)
Status: Alive
Type of mob: Dog
Color of collar: Green
(formerly red defalt)

Corey is one of Stampy's Dogs. He is one of four dogs Stampy named by himself. (The others being Barnaby, Gregory and Luna.) Corey has a green collar. He is very, very curious.


In Colourful Castle, Stampy noticed a stray dog wandering in the Funland. Although it was untamed, it followed him and watched him building the castle, and seemed curious in everything he did. Stampy decided to tame him. Corey is curious like all the other dogs.

Mistakes of Stampy With Corey

In episode 369, Big Bath, Stampy forgot to make Corey sit up, so Corey was left in the Teleporter. Stampy promised Corey that he would take him in Episode 370, meaning Corey would be taken for two consecutive videos.


  • In Episode 193, Stampy decided to take Spring with him, but instead he thought Corey was Spring because they have similar collars.
  • Corey is currently the 2nd youngest dog in Stampy's Wolfpack.
  • It is presumed he was shot by Hit the Target with an Arrow in Episode 418, but it is known he was, in fact, injured. He was eventually healed by Stampy
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A dog in italic means it is dead or neglected.

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