The Cow Island was a natural Island off the coast of Stampy's Lovely World, however in Episode 529 Stampy shows that he had connected the island to the main continent of his lovely world.


Located near the main area of Stampy's Lovely World, it is a natural place where cows used to live, but it now contains a very few buildings.

There is also a bridge which connects the island to main area of Stampy's Lovely World. It used to be made out of oak planks and fences but were replaced by birch and spruce planks and fences to match the new paths. To the west of the Lighthouse is a second connection to the main area, but around this path is where more restaurants will be constructed as part of the town and the restaurant district. There is also a Tree Train station, which takes you to Stampy's House and the Funland faster via the Tree Train.

Former BuildingsEdit

There was an overland Minecart Track stop which takes you to Stampy's House and the Funland faster, but was later demolished in favor of the Tree Train.


When Stampy explored a bit of Stampy's Lovely World in the first episode, he saw a lot of cows swimming and walking around in an area. He said that it looks like it is a cow island.


  • Cow island is actually a peninsula coming off a large unexplored continent (not apart of the main continet of Stampy's Lovely world).
Cow Island
First Appearance

Welcome to Stampy's Lovely World-1

Other Appearances

Vertigo-123, Plasticator-126

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