The Crafting Room is an area inside Stampy's House.


The exterior is almost made out of smooth stone while part is made with cobblestone. The interior has a cobblestone floor, oak logs and furnaces in the walls, and a total of eight crafting tables and two anvils in the center of the room. There are also windows in which you can be able to see the Love Garden from here. There is also a ladder at a corner of the room which leads to Fred's Room.

There are three doors to enter/exit the area: one from the Love Garden, one from the Storeroom and one from the farm.


This structure was built during the construction of Stampy's House, making it one of the oldest areas in his house.

A zombie was heard in here. Stampy investigated, but was unable to find it. See Hauntings for more ghostly stories.

There used to be five crafting tables one each side of the room, arranged with one in the middle and four around it at each corner. However, once anvils were added to Minecraft Xbox, Stampy replaced the middle crafting tables with anvils.

Today, the crafting room is seen in every episode since Stampy goes through this room to get to the Love Garden.

Minecart StationEdit

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There was also a stop at the top of the crafting room but was renovated and changed into Fred's Room.