Crazy Construction ("Three's A Crowd!" for Amy Lee 33 and "LOVES IT!" for AshDubh) is the 4th episode of Attack of the B-Team. In this episode, the three of them create a house.


As Squid scouts for land, he arrives at the Deadlands biome. As he explores the Deadlands, he finds a stone circle containing some valuable items. From them, he loots a Dragon Egg and an Enchanted Book. He then goes back to meet up with Amy and Ash. They decide to look for some suitable land for a home. Ash points out something in the distance. As Squid gets closer, it turns out to be Bamboo. Squid collects them and looks for more land. They finally find a good spot for a house, but the area has already been taken by a Coven Witch named Ivy Grimm. Squid, Ash and Amy then take a Selfie with Ivy. After wondering what to do with her, Squid just decides to kill her, which doesn't exactly make Amy happy, as Ivy was harmless. They then fend off some mobs. During the battle, Amy kills and morphs into an Enderman. Ash is confused during the battle, as due to the Morph mod, he can't tell who's who. After finding the best part of the land for house-building, they kill the attacking zombies and build a house. They plan to build the house out of Spruce Planks, as those are the trees in the Grove biome. As they build, Squid hears some loud clicking, who he blames on Amy. Amy also takes note of Ash's Groucho Marx glasses. Ash also places a Zombie Head and a Skull from Fossils/Archaeology on the wall. Squid starts on building the house's ceiling, using stairs. While cutting down some trees, Squid accidentally falls on Ash's Raspberry Bushes. Soon, after building the ceiling, he builds the floor out of Palm Planks. Squid also places down the Dragon Egg. While building, he crashes. After killing an Enderman, he tries to get into the house, but can't fit. Soon, they are finally done with their house. Squid decides that their next plan should be to build a dinosaur. As they wave good bye, Ash accidentally hits Squid. In response, Squid kills Ash with his pickaxe. Squid then morphs into Ash. Squid then breaks open Ash's tombstone, allowing him to get his stuff. Ash then kills Squid and morphs into him. Ash then murders Amy. While in Squid's form, Ash also gets Squid's name. To show this to Squid, Ash allows Amy to kill him, and Amy takes on both Ash's form and his name. As Amy breaks open her tombstone, Squid also murders her, morphing into her. Then Ash kills Amy as well. They all morph into her. They then start acting like Amy and collect flowers, while saying "lav lav lav".

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