Creeper Coaster (Episode)
Episode 54
Minecraft Xbox- Creeper Coaster 54

Minecraft Xbox- Creeper Coaster 54

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Creeper Coaster is the 54th episode. The episode is where Stampy and his friends build a roller coaster ride which has the design of a creeper. This game is variously built in the world on MC inspired by Stampy.

Plot Edit

Stampy greets sadly to the audience that he is not happy when he's recording. He tells the audience that if they saw the last video, he said that he befriended a new friend, and he thought she was going to be his new friend, and it was Agatha the creeper, who was friendly to Stampy and his helpers. He gave Agatha some rotten flesh and said he thought she was going to be his best friend. They would be happy together, but when he shows the grave of Agatha to the audience, he starts to cry, saying that he isn't happy about this. What happens to him suddenly, one minute Agatha was there, and in the next minute, she explodes, aka despawns they were going to fill the ground with dirt. As he intervenes to the audience in the last video, they were shaking hands to each other, playing hopscotch and trapping Agatha in a cage of green, with a little sign. Stampy questions Agatha's explosion, when creepers get angry, happy or sad, they blow up, because that is what creepers do. Once Stampy is done, he continues to build the Creeper Coaster, making the last parts of the creeper's head and then the top hat. However, he did not want dogs to die despite its altitude, his dogs will fall down and die. Stampy says bye and closes the video.



Minecraft Xbox- Creeper Coaster [54]

Minecraft Xbox- Creeper Coaster 54-1408118994

Minecraft Xbox- Creeper Coaster 54-1408118994

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