Crystal Waters (episode)
Episode 67
Minecraft Xbox - Crystal Waters 67

Minecraft Xbox - Crystal Waters 67

Release Date May 13, 2013
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Technical Difficulties
Helpers Appeared
L for Lee x
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People Added to the Love Garden
ii flynnt 3D
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Crystal Waters (episode) is the 67th episode in Stampy's Lovely World.

Synopsis Edit

Stampy and some of his helpers will start the process of building the Crystal Rapids mini game.

Plot Edit

Stampy goes to his balcony and greets us. He then checks the Players to see how many of his friends are in his world. He goes to the Love Garden and adds ii flynnt 3D.

Stampy then goes to the Doghouse and picks Aqua to take him along for the rest of the episode. He goes to take a minecart ride to the Funland. He goes inside the Googlies Manor and takes us to a little tour around the manor. At the entrance he grabs the music disc and plays the music to the jukebox.

He goes first to the living room going to the next room which is dining room and roams around alittle. He goes to the next room which is the library. He steps into the pressure plate and a dispenser shoots an arrow near Stampy and a jack-o-lantern shows infront of him and was shot by the arrow because of Lee steeping onto the plate. He goes to the narrow hall and at the end shows a cake.

Stampy steps onto the plate again and leads him into a fall to the lava room then to the underground dungeon. Stampy peeks to look inside in every cell. At the end of the left cell opens and Stampy climbing the ladder. It leads him to a bedroom filled with ghost and the face of Evil Mr. Porkchop and the bed was its tongue.

He goes to the other bedroom but there was a zombie but Stampy was able to kill it. He goes to the big skull painting leading him to the finish line where there are 3 pink wool and 3 cakes on top of it. After that he goes to the redstone rooms to show and to check on it. He goes out of the manor and then looks at his helpers who have made fun of his redstone knowledge.

Stampy and his friends build it but they only build the start. They will continue it during the next episode.

Features Edit

Helpers Edit

  • Stampy
  • L for Lee x
  • LONG Bow X99
  • TBA

Pets Edit

  • Aqua

People Added to the Love Garden Edit

  • ii flynnt 3D

Locations Edit

  • Stampy's House
  • Love Garden
  • Doghouse
  • Funland
    • Googlies Manor

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- Crystal Waters [67]

Minecraft Xbox - Crystal Waters 67

Minecraft Xbox - Crystal Waters 67