"Hello, welcome to the ice cream parlor. My name is Daisy Moo Moo and i will be assisting you with all of your ice cream needs"
— Daisy Moo Moo to Squid in an unenthusiastic voice

Daisy Moo Moo is a cow that first appeared in Quest to not be a Robot of the Quest Series

Daisy Moo Moo
First Appeared: Quest to not be a Robot - Present
Status: Alive
Type of Mob: Cow

About Edit

In Quest to not be a Robot Stampy goes to the ice cream parlor and brings a cow in on a lead while he's at it. When Squid comes in Stampy voices Daisy Moo Moo welcoming Squid in a similar tone to a very unenthusiastic employee. Stampy later let's him out.

Trivia Edit

  • Daisy Moo Moo is the first cow Stampy has voiced in the Quest Series.

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