David (Full name: David Sylo Worrington), not to be confused with David Spencer (iBallisticSquid), is a villager who lived in the temple in the Sky Den Series. He was the first villager Stampylonghead and SqaisheyQuack traded with. He is said to have a worrisome personality...In episode 23,Stampy frees David out of his "cage". David falls in the room where there is a hole...Sqaishey, scared, pushed David to the ladder which leads to the main floor...Because David can't climb ladders, Sqaishey tried to make him go up the ladder by punching him. Sadly, David dies being punched by Sqaishey (Sqaishey didn't want to kill David). Stampy transferred his soul into the Giant Snail, but it is unknown whether he couls survive as a Snail. As he is never seen moving, it assumed that his soul was never properly transferred.