David Spencer
Real Name David Spencer
Age 23
Family The Spencer's
Screen Names iSlipperryFellow

iBallisticSquid iBallistiicsquid Squid Nugget Squidoodlly

Friends Stampylonghead

FearAdubh Snakedoctor73

David Spencer, commonly known by his online alias, IBallisticSquid, (also called Squid Nugget or Squid) is an English Actor, Gamer, and YouTube personality known mainly for playing with Stampylonghead (Joseph Garrett).

Film/Project Role Notes
Stampy's Lets Play IBallisticSquid Supporting Role
Wonder Quest IBallisticSquid Supporting Role
Sky Island Challenge/Slippery Survival IBallisticSquid Lead Role
Past your Bedtime: With the Magic Animal Club - Q&A with Stampy IBallisticSquid Host
Past your Bedtime: With the Magic Animal Club - Q&A with Squid IBallisticSquid Guest Star
BBC Breakfast Himself Guest Star
Quest Series IBallisticSquid Co-Star (With Stampy).

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