Day of Reckoning is a spin off series featuring Stampy and iBallisticSquid.


  • Episode 1

Stampy and Squid start the video and introduce Day of Reckoning. They successfully travel down a fountain without drowning and end up at the introduction. After reading, they look for the tutorial. They look above the fountain but find nothing. Then they realize it's down the fountain. In the tutorial, they learn about the money (emeralds), score (diamonds),keys (levers) and how to travel through the map. Because the son is sick, Stampy pretends to be the son using phony coughs. They buy food and armor . However, they don't have enough emeralds to stay at the Rip-off Inn. So Stampy catches a fish in the receptionist's pond in exchange for a rest.

  • Episode 2

Stampy and Squid start the video as usual. The Rip-off Inn stood up to its name. It was a total rip-off because the beds were not beds at all. Stampy exits the inn and finds a wolf who bites him. The rest of the pack bite Stampy as well. However they fend them off and continue. They enter an ancient place looking for a cure. However the jack o lantern man can't help. So they find the train station and Stampy buys a ticket. However Squid can't tag along in the minecart. Stampy arrives at their house. Squid gets teleported to Stampy. They enter the son's bedroom but he's dead. They go outside and Stampy enables flight and invisibility for himself and pretends to be a ghost and hits the cow in the yard.

  • Episode 3

Stampy and Squid start the video as usual. They explore and look for where to go next. They enter Dooberry Forest. A dangerous jack o lantern person warns them and wants to destroy them with his evil toys. They enter the jack o lantern person's tower and find him at the top floor. He says that there is still a way to save the son. He gives them the key to his time machine.


  • This series is available on both of their channels but in different perspectives and with different titles.
  • The wolves in episode 2 are hostile but Stampy didn't provoke them.
  • Stampy and Squid destroyed some of the storyline
  • He ender the series in Episode 9 by saving his son.
  • He started a new series with IBallisticSquid called Stormwater.