Deal or no deal is a minecraft series. Stampylonghead and IBallisticSquid play a version of deal or no deal, and chose box 13.

Part 1Edit

Venomous Crash announces the game as "the game where you can win large amounts of money." Stampylonghead and Squid chose several boxes, but take a lot of time. One way that they decided which box to pick was to see how long Squid could survive Stampy's dog. The dog went to the roof and died.

Part 2Edit

Stampylonghead and Squid continue.

Water boxEdit

Squid goes in a large box of water to see how long he could not drown. He survived for 9 seconds.Edit


Squid escaped by breaking the glass of the cage.

Squids AuntieEdit

After breaking out if the cage, a squid spawns. Squid calls it his "Auntie".

Losing £250,000Edit

Squids Auntie "suggests" that they chose  box 7, which has the grand prize in it:£250,000

Part 3Edit

Squid and Stampy find Squids Auntie out of the water and punch it, accidentally killing it. Stampy buries it, and gives it a tombstone titled "Squids Auntie".

The final boxEdit

Squid and Stampy open there box, 13, with a 50/50 chance of being 50p or £100,000. It is the 50p, and they go crazy and fall in a hole. They are killed by dogs.

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