"I wouldn't bother if I was you."
— Thinknoodles

Don't Press The Button is a Stampy Short, and is the 4th chronological short in the series. It was released on May 21, 2016.

Synopsis Edit

The story is about a button that a super computer really doesn't want anyone to press.

Plot Edit

A man enters a room and meets another person who tells him not to press the button in said room. As he stares at the button, a super computer inside the room speaks to him and says that he should not press the button. However, the man is curious to see what happens and, after sometime arguing with the computer, he begrudingly allows him to press it; however, he warns has to face the "consequences". Afterwards, the computer explains that he knows how to create World Peace, but the man presses the button anyways to reveal that he opened a small door to the computer's pet bunny, Mr. Tufty. The computer then asks him to bring his bunny back to his room and to not tell anyone about him. Exiting the room in anger after realizing that the entire thing was a waste of time, he approaches another person who is about to enter the room and says that "I wouldn't bother if I was you".

Credits Edit

  • Voice acting
    • Thinknoodles as Person #1
    • Adam Clarke as Super Computer
    • Louis Theroux as Person #2 (cameo line)
  • Sqaishey - in-game acting

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode of Stampy Shorts since its last installment in 2013.