""I can teach it to swim and you can teach it to..." COUGH UP FUR BALLS exactly. "Cats don't do much, do they?" No, I can teach it to sleep and drink milk"
— Stampy and Sqaishey discussing teaching Doobie Doo how to be like them
Doobie Doo is a pig who first appeared in the episode Doobie Doo.
Doobie Doo (Pig)
First Appeared: Doobie Doo
Last Episode Seen:
Status: Alive
Type of Mob: Pig

About Edit

In this episode, Sqaishey was allowed to be Stampy's boss and tell him what to do. She assigned him the task of taking Doobie Doo with him while they went on a quest.

Soon however, Stampy decided to leash him onto a fence pole as to not let him die in lava. He was picked up later as Stampy and Sqaishey headed back with Kain the anvils mini game key. As they walked they decided to have him as their pet, then a roommate, and finally their child.

They later take him to their home and make a small room for him, but when the two accidentally allow Doobie Doo to fall they must attempt to get him back into the house without him falling. They spend the rest of the episode triyng to save him while he dangles from a lead.

Doobie Doo also has a house in Cave Den and is in a high wall of stone and looks quite fancy. He is said to be 48 years old.

Trivia Edit

  • Doobie is the first named pig in Cave Den.
  • Doobie is the fourth member to be added to the Cave Den household. The others being Kevin, Goblin, and Porchini.
  • He also is in Ocean Den.