Douse The House
Episode 264
Release Date January 3, 2015
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Burning Houses
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January 7, 2015
Helpers Appeared
L for Lee x
Pets Chosen
People Added to the Love Garden
Drew Crocker
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Douse The House is the 264th episode in Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy starts his day by doing what he does normally. Then he goes to the Love Garden to add Drew Crocker, for drawings that he drew for him. Then he headed straight to the Funland to play Douse the House. Stampy played against Lee and won and so did Daisy. On the round to determine who was 3rd and 4th Tomahawk won. On The Championship Stampy won and got 1st place. He chose to play Whale of a Time. Lee landed on the edge, Tomahawk didn't get inside the red zone, Daisy didn't blast off but Stampy landed on Magenta. He says bye and ends the video.


  • Stampy didn't bring a dog with him because of the following:
    • The game they're playing has lava and fire; and
    • He doesn't want to sit a dog during the tournament.
  • This is the first episode to be released on the year 2015.


Minecraft Xbox- Douse The House [264]

Minecraft Xbox - Douse The House 264

Minecraft Xbox - Douse The House 264


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