Brief Description

The downtown of Stampy's Lovely World is filled with all of Stampy's shop's restaurants and government buildings, starting with Stampy's Hot Buns. This area is always changing and expanding and is the beginning of the tree train.






Top 10's

Stampy's Top 10 Buildings In His Lovely World

  1. Clock Tower (Tick-Tock Clock Shop and the Tea Time Tea Shop)
  2. Hotel of Dreams
  3. Waste Place Recycling Plant
  4. Flying Fish Sushi Restaurant
  5. Pretty Kitty Spa
  6. Piggy Bank
  7. Fancy Pants Restaurant
  8. Toy Town Toy Shop
  9. Clay Oven Pizzeria
  10. Stampy's Hot Buns

Stampy's Top 10 Tallest Buildings

  1. Clock Tower
  2. Sky High
  3. Lovely Inc. skyscraper
  4. Rocket Ship
  5. Stampy's House
  6. Hotel of Dreams1
  7. Lighthouse1
  8. Cat Chat1
  9. Firework Shop
  10. Good Fortune


  • 1 - Joint

​Details about Downtown


Stampy usually expands the land when he is running out of space to build shops and restaurants. The most common things he does was making more land fronting the ocean (but closer to a part of the Funland, in witch he hopes to build a gate around) and destroying parts of a hill. Stampy is also planning to expand and reclaim the land on the southern side (near the Lighthouse) and turning it into a row of restaurants.

One major expansion of Downtown was destroying the houses in the Helper District. Stampy had plans to expand his Downtown part of his Lovely World. His plan is to demolish the Helper District (Stampy's Village) with 2 houses being blown up every episode. His plan worked in the episode Waste Place where 2 houses, one for Lee and one for Choo Choo, had blown up with TNT. It was finished in the episode Burn And Boom. All the debris from the demolition were recycled or incinerated in the Waste Place and it is now ready for building new shops and restaurants.

All recent shops and restaurants have been built there, starting with the Clean Machine. Now that the area is filled up he is back to expanding over the ocean. On episode 388 Stampy announced that his town has expanded to the point that you can walk straight into the Funland from the town. Now it has gotten to the point where the area where Fish Me a Dish and the Top paw Doggy Assault course is connected to the downtown area behind the film studio and the Magic Movie Theater.

He's built an area next to the post office and in front of where the Clean Machine, Fire Work Shop, and Snack on Track area. He's named this the restaurant area starting with Flying FIsh, but after it was filled up he added a new section in front of the FunLand sign chiseling most of the bunkhouse hill. This is also considered the restaurant district.


When Stampy was walking near the Piggy Bank in episode 347, a mysterious door slam was caught on tape at around 4:20.

Shops In Order

  1. Stampy's Hot Buns
  2. Lovely Jubbly Florist
  3. Stampy's Overwear
  4. Pick a Pet Pet Shop
  5. Toy Town Toy Shop
  6. Melon Moments
  7. Crazy Cow Milk Bar
  8. Flap Postal Service
  9. Soggy Sandwich
  10. Pretty Kitty
  11. Caring Cat Clinic
  12. Beat The Heat Fire Station
  13. Playful Po Po Station
  14. Piggy Bank
  15. Loose Tooth Dentistry
  16. Cool School
  17. Hotel of Dreams
  18. Superior Interior
  19. Nead to Read
  20. Baa Baa Barber
  21. Waste Place
  22. Clean Machine
  23. Snack on Track
  24. Firework Shop
  25. Shoe For U
  26. Clock Tower (Tick Tock Clock Shop & Tea Time Tea Shop)
  27. Cat Chat
  28. Sweetie Pie
  29. iC Optician
  30. Farmacy
  31. Pawly Pets Pet Vet
  32. Wagging Tail
  33. Sounds Good Music Shop
  34. Clay Oven Pizzeria
  35. Flying Fish
  36. Telly Box
  37. Hot Potatoe
  38. Fancy Pants
  39. Movie Magic
  40. Polly Wood Film Studio
  41. Coffee Corner
  42. Sky High
  43. Shiny Shop
  44. Tool Order
  45. Pollytechnic 
  46. Fizzy Fun 
  47. Good Fortune 
  48. Smart Art 
  49. LOL (Laugh on Logs) 
  50. Hat Trick 
  51. Nice Cream
  52. Zen Zone
  53. Jungle Gym
  54. Lovely Inc.


  • There was once a minecart line running through the town, but it was destroyed in episode 120 but didn't officially get completely destroyed until 124. The minecart rail was replaced by the Tree Train which goes underneath the town.
  • There was also a hill with a Minecart Station where part of the main path is there now.
  • The paths of the town are made of birch and spruce wood.
  • Harry the Horse's first house is in the town.
  • So far the tallest building in the town is Stampy's Clock Tower
  • A space located down from the town is used for the employee of the month minigames.
  • Fizzy Elephant built a rollercoaster flume ride next to the Sushi Restaurant but was later demolished for unknown reasons.
  • The town has been the site of many Hit the Target battles.
  • Stampy wants to make a town square in front of the Funland sign. Now with the new expansion of the Restaurant District, this may not be possible.
  • Out in the water across from the Sounds Good Music Shop Fizzy built a cookie parkour.
  • A dog grave for Spring is located within the town, just beside the Police Station.

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