"Do you think there's something going on between Duncan and Mittens?"
— Stampy, 2014
First appearance: Lovely Library
Last appearance: N/A
Status: Alive
Type of mob: Tamed Wolf / Dog
Color of collar: Black, Red (formerly)

Duncan is one of Stampy's Dogs. He was tamed outside of a video. Stampy takes him with Mittens sometimes because there seems to have a nice relationship between them. He is commonly picked by Stampy. Before Mittens came along, Duncan was known as the one with the crooked neck and the grumpy one. Now, he is normally known as Mitten's Partner in Crime or the dog with the black collar. He last appeared in Musical Pig 548



Benton (older brother)

Appearance Edit

Duncan is characterized by his black collar probably because of Mittens's fur, and his ever growing love & and friendship with Mittens.


  • As of episode 180 it assumed they are dating.
  • Stampy used to "identify" him by his "crooked neck."
  • SOME say he acts more like a cat.
    • This is because when Stampy was building his "Snow Throw" mini-game, Mittens killed a creeper. When Duncan was on his date with Mittens on the "Soggy Sandwich", he ate a fish. Also, Mittens ate a bone.
  • Duncan is the grumpy one in Stampy's wolf pack.
    • This is proven because Stampy stated in Episode 223, he always attacked Lee.
  • Duncan doesn't like Christmas and is described by Stampy as "a bit of a scrooge".
  • Duncan is also a name from total drama an has the same personality being the grump in the pack but also having a soft side.
  • Duncan was taken out two videos in a row two times.
  • Duncan usually lives with Mittens every Christmas in Stampy's Frostylongnose snowman, starting in 2014.
  • Duncan almost burned to death in the episode after stampy tamed Mittens. On the golf course Nether Hole, Duncan walked into the fire, however, he is saved by stampy when he is fed a porkchop.
  • Duncan is currently the 6th oldest dog in Stampy's Wolfpack.
  • Benton is his brother, but they are barely ever seen together, so it is unknown how they react around each other.
  • Duncan used to go after L for Lee but had friends with him before L for lee went.
  • Lauren Jones was added in the Love Garden in Episode 528, because he has a picture of Duncan and Mittens before going to the Doghouse or Kitty Cat Condo.
  • We used to build things (except for FrostyLongNose) with Duncan and Mittens, He never appeared since 300 episodes (except for Musical Pig)...
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