What it is 1

Dunking Booth is a mini-game that involves speed, and accuracy.

How it is used 1

The aim of the game is to hit the center of the dartboard as quickly as you can. Players take it in turns to get in a minecart which moves swiftly left and right. Another player stands on a trapdoor at the top of the fish tank. The player in the minecart is armed with a bow and several arrows, which they shoot at the dart board. In the middle of the dart board is a painting which they must aim for. If they successfully hit the painting, it will drop onto a surrounding pressure plate, which is connected via redstone to the trapdoor. When the redstone signal is sent, the player on the trapdoor will drop into the fishtank and slowly sink down to the bottom. The person who manages to hit the painting with the least amount of arrow shots in the winner.

Another method to play is a player stands on a little tower and the other is in the trapdoor on top of the fish tank. The player on the tower is armed with a bow and arrows, and has to fall down the tower, and when he/she is in the middle of falling, he has to shoot the item frame. Don't worry, there is a pit of water on the ground so it would not be deadly for you. The other rules are still part in this method.

Appearance Edit

The main structure resembles a giant, glass fish bowl. On the surrounding area of the fish bowl, there is a long strip of wool leading up to a short minecart track. Facing the minecart is a dart board, which is connected up to a trapdoor at the top of the Fish Bowl.

This game is a dog hazard because Arrow died here. His grave is at the outside of the game.

Videos 1
Minecraft Xbox - Giant Fish Bowl 7922:05

Minecraft Xbox - Giant Fish Bowl 79

Minecraft Xbox - Dunking Booth 8021:21

Minecraft Xbox - Dunking Booth 80


Dunking Booth

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