The Easter Bunny is a minor character in Stampy's Lovely World. He only appeared in four episodes, these are mainly during Easter: Easter Bunny, Egg Hunt, Funny Bunny, and Easter Eggs.


Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny was briefly mentioned when he was added in the Love Garden.

Easter Bunny

He appeared near the end of the video, congratulating to Stampy when he collected all 10 eggs.

Egg Hunt

He makes a major appearance near the end of the video. When Hit the Target was going to explode the Hotel of Dreams, the Easter Bunny appeared behind Stampy, where he broke one of the redstone repeaters which were connected to the TNT. Stampy was distracted to the bunny, and as always, HTT escaped. Then the bunny provided the other 8 eggs which were not collected due to the interruption.

Funny Bunny

Stampy mentioned in the start of the video that the Easter Bunny has to find all 10 eggs he hid in different places; however, the Easter Bunny found all 10 of them very fast. They then play games in the Funland instead with the games can be chosen by the viewer.

Easter Eggs

He appeared near the end of the video, once again congratulating to Stampy when he collected all 10 eggs and when he found the Easter Bunny himself.

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