The Emergency Chest is a useful chest where some items were hidden. It was used by Stampy on Episode 42, Unexpected Drama. It was also seen in Episode 213 where Lee bear made a surprise entrance and acedently broke Stampy's bed revealing the secret chest. Stampy covered the chest with dirt, then he got rid of the dirt and showed what was in the emergency chest. Inside the chest, it had a stone sword, a bow, 16 arrows, and a rose. Stampy explained that this chest is for in case Hit the target attacks.


The Emergency Chest is a single chest, it has a sign that it should be used if there's any invasions. You must destroy Stampy's bed before locating it.


The items inside of the Emergency Chest are:

  • A set of Chain Armor Suit
  • A Stone Sword
  • A Rose
  • A Cake
  • A stack of arrows
  • A bow
  • 41 TNTs


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