This page lists all the episodes for Stampy's Let's Play of Lego The Hobbit.

Brief InformationEdit

Main article: Lego The Hobbit (series)

Lego The Hobbit is an adventure game which Stampy played on the Xbox One. This was played as a replacement for Terraria when he decided to stop playing it temporarily due to issues.


1. Dwarf Mine

2. Fall Of Erebor

3. Dinner With Dwarfs

4. The Pale Orc

5. Trolls

6. Trollshaws

7. Radagast

8. Rivendell

9. Stone Giants

10. Great Goblin

11. A Close Escape

12. Shapeshifter

13. Mirkwood Forest

14. Barrel Of Fun

15. Lake-Town

16. Pig Chase

17. Rhudaur

18. Sauron

19. Erebor

20. Smaug

21. The End

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