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Ester is a recurring character in Stampy's Let's Play. She is a chicken. She is most commonly seen hopping up and down, or standing on top of the cake on Stampy's balcony.

History Edit

Stampy got Ester as a baby chicken on Easter 2013. She is now well grown. She lives on Stampy's balcony, where she has a cake just for her and stays there almost every time. In a game where you had to throw an egg at a painting, Ester would lay the eggs for the game. Stampy completed that game on his 200th episode. On the episode Harrison's Hangout Ester almost fell off the balcony, however being a chicken, she would have taken no fall damage. Ester was caught stealing cakes on Episode 220 'Cake Thief' but Stampy later found out that Ester was only intending to share with all the animals at Pick-A-Pet Pet Shop.

Trivia Edit

  • Ester may have gotten her name from Esther in Ni No Kuni, a let's play Stampy was still doing at the time he got Ester. She may also have gotten it because of how similar Easter and Ester are in spelling.