Episode 300
Release Date May 6th, 2015
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Everything is the 300th episode in Stampy's Lovely World. Stampy celebrates his 300th video in his Lovely World by mainly showing the buildings in the world (apart from in his Funland) with Lee Bear.


Stampy is very happy to do this video because he made this episode so far in his milestone. Lee Bear comes out in the painting as always. He started showing his bedroom to us and ate cake as well. He then goes to the Love Garden and added Mojang, the original makers of Minecraft. He added Mojang since he added 4J Studios (developer of the game for consoles) to the Love Garden, he still thanked Mojang for making the game, because without Minecraft, there would be no Lovely World and no orange and white cat as well.

He then starts the tour by showing his first shelter, then to his second home, and all the stuff he made over the years. Minutes later, when they went to the Dog House, he chose Barnaby to be in the video since he is the longest living dog. He then shows the SS Stumpy and the Submarine to us and started to show all the buildings in Downtown and Cow Island built so far, from Stampy's Hot Buns to Snack On Track and even the Lighthouse to Emergency Igloo.

He finally shows the Funland sign, and promised to show it in the next video. He says "bye!" and ends it.


  • Stampy returns to show the world to us in this episode, very long after his 2000 subscribers celebration.
  • This is also known to be the second longest Stampy's Lovely World episode so far. The longest episode is its succeeding video, Everything Else.
  • At the start of the video Stampy says that he has eaten more than 300 cakes. (Not surprising)
  • Stampy and Lee spent some quality time together while making the video.


Minecraft Xbox- Everything [300]

Minecraft Xbox - Everything 300

Minecraft Xbox - Everything 300