Evil Mr. Pork Chop
Episode 66
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The Evil Mr. Pork Chop - episode where Stampy builds a ghostly child's bedroom in his Googlies Manor, that happens to have a huge pig face in it. The dog that joined him on his journey is Flippy.  

Plot Edit

Stampy starts off in his bedroom where he then makes his way to his Funland to continue to build Googlies Manor.

Evil Mr.Porkchop

Evil Mr. Porkchop

Minecraft HelpersEdit




Trivia Edit

Stampy was seen throwing a bed at the start of the video and he placed in the chest thinking why he was thrown a bed, but thought he should have kept it when he was building the ghostly child's bedroom.

Hit The Target's ghost was on top of Googlies Manor at the end of the video.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- Evil Mr. Porkchop [66]

Minecraft Xbox - Evil Mr

Minecraft Xbox - Evil Mr. Pork Chop 66